Tomorrow's Radiology. If staffing a radiology-related business were only about today, anyone could do it. But it's not just about today, it's also about tomorrow. In fact, with frontier technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the verge of playing an increasingly larger role in the field of radiology, tomorrow is becoming even more important than today. Consequently, Radiology+ Sourcing was built to future-proof the operations of radiology-related businesses such as hospitals and imaging centers.

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The Benefits Of Plus. Radiology+ Sourcing is a component of our Radiology+ sub-brand and that plus is shorthand for more. Much more. In the past, hiring a radiology group or other firm that could solve your radiology-related staffing needs was sufficient. But with the rapid pace of innovation, the rise of new technologies, and the constantly changing business climate, doing it old-school just doesn't cut it anymore.

Nowadays, you need a partner that does more than just solve a short-term problem. A partner that pushes the frontier in creativity and technology. A partner that can draw upon multiple areas of expertise to find solutions. And a partner who is so committed to the future that its whole business model is built on next-generation thinking. In other words, if your radiology-related business wishes to excel in the world of tomorrow, you need a partner who lives in tomorrow.

Chain Reaction. If the history of technology is any guide, most people are seriously overestimating how long it will take technologies like Artificial Technology to transform the lives of individuals and businesses, society, and the field of radiology in particular. Indeed, all signs indicate that AI is on the verge of undergoing a chain reaction. And that means you need to prepare for an AI-dominated world now, before the chain reaction occurs. After all, because AI is maturing at an accelerating rate, there's no way to know in advance what the fallout will be if you choose to wait.

Admittedly, there's always some degree of hype and sensationalism surrounding impactful technologies. Nevertheless, we take the impending dominance of AI very seriously. In fact, to help others prepare for game-changing technologies like AI, we created Blue Perigee Labs (BPL).

Blue Is Better. With Radiology+ Sourcing, we arrange full radiology coverage for your hospital(s) or other radiology-related business for a specified contract term. That solves your staffing problem. But then we go further by addressing your longer term needs. And we accomplish this objective by employing Radiology+ Boosting, a consulting solution designed to boost metrics such as efficiency, quality, professionalism, and preparedness for the future.

By default, Radiology+ Sourcing is offered in conjunction with Radiology+ Boosting. And when you purchase Radiology+ Sourcing, you may purchase Radiology+ Boosting at a substantial discount over its stand-alone price. This price is value-based and varies based on numerous factors such as the size and complexity of your organization. Alternatively, if you do not need our Radiology+ Boosting solution, you may waive your access to Radiology+ Boosting at no cost to you.

Contact. To contact us regarding Radiology+ Sourcing, please visit our Connect page.