The View. With many things in life, perspective is everything. And radiology-related matters are no different. Whether it's the medical side of radiology or the business side, possessing the proper perspective is the only way to know if you're really doing your best. However, quite often, the best perspective comes not from inside the organization but outside. An outsider can see past the comfort zones, the routines, and the bureaucracy. And when you gain that critical outsider perspective, your radiology-related metrics can go sky-high.

Two radiologists looking at computer screen.

Full Boost. Radiology+ Boosting is a component of our Radiology+ sub-brand and it consists of a consulting solution designed to enhance metrics, such as efficiency, quality, professionalism, and preparedness for tomorrow's radiology. It was built for all types of radiology-related businesses, such as hospitals, imaging centers, radiology groups, and sports-medicine facilities.

When you take advantage of Radiology+ Boosting, your personnel, facilities, equipment, and operations will be assessed by a board-certified radiologist with years of managerial and practical experience. But this in-depth assessment isn't about helping you keep up with the pack, it's about helping you lead the pack. And to lead the pack, you have to live on the cutting-edge. To help you do that, we review not only your present-day capabilities but also your readiness to adapt to frontier technologies that are likely to have a profound effect on the future of radiology.

Chain Reaction. If the history of technology is any guide, most people are seriously overestimating how long it will take technologies like AI to transform the lives of individuals and businesses, society, and the field of radiology in particular. Indeed, all signs indicate that AI is on the verge of undergoing a chain reaction. And that means you need to prepare for an AI-dominated world now, before the chain reaction occurs. After all, because AI is maturing at an accelerating rate, there's no way to know in advance what the fallout will be if you choose to wait.

Fee Options. With Radiology+ Boosting, you have two different payment options. More specifically, you may choose a one-use contract or you may choose a subscription plan that enables us to keep your organization on the cutting-edge as personnel, facilities, equipment, operations, and circumstances change.

Contact. To contact us regarding Radiology+ Boosting, please visit our Connect page.