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ABOUT...Blue Perigee

Undeniably Different. We're not a product company that manufactures typical consumer or business goods. We're not a service company that provides traditional services, such as "we'll tell you how it's always been done" consulting services. We're an innovation company and innovation itself is what we sell.

To give you a better idea of how different we are than the typical product or service company, consider the following. Most companies are founded to provide a defined set of products or services. It might be cars, Italian food, software, clothes, consulting services. legal services, landscaping services...whatever. Innovation may or may not factor into the typical company's plans. But regardless of whether they care about innovation, their first priority is to provide the specific products or services they wish to provide. That is, their first priority is to be a car company, an Italian restaurant, a law firm and so on. And there isn't necessarily anything wrong with that. However, with that type of business model, innovation is usually a secondary concern, especially if the nature of a company's competition allows the company to make a sizable profit without being innovative.

In contrast, our business model and company philosophy are exactly the opposite. Our first priority is unquestionably innovation. If the desire to provide particular products or services factors into our thinking at all, it is, at best, a secondary consideration. Consequently, we will consider entering any consumer or business field but only if we strongly believe we can offer something that is remarkably innovative. Because of these exceedingly high standards, we will not enter a market solely to sell a particular product or service. Instead, we will only enter a market if we can offer something that is so much better than the status quo that we can essentially sell innovation itself. In other words, we will only enter a market if we can provide something so exceptional that our cutting-edge enhancements stand on their own merits and, by themselves, sell our product or service.

Based on what's been discussed so far, it would be natural to assume that we would be classified as an innovation company. But actually, we're a bit more than that. Because of our broad-based knowledge and expertise, we don't limit our innovative efforts to a single area or market. In fact, our creativity, ingenuity, and other skills have enabled us to focus our current and future efforts on a multitude of consumer and business markets. As a result, we classify ourselves as something rather unique: a wide-spectrum innovation company.

Our Mantra. Our mantra is quite simple: we create innovation, we help others create innovation, and we support those who have already created innovation.

This Is Why Us. If you want to be associated with a brand that is built on the future and not the past, you go with us. Our focus on the future doesn't necessarily mean we reject the past or time-honored values; it simply means we are always focused on maximizing potential, opportunity, and quality of life.

If you want to be associated with a brand that is so committed to delivering the best products, services, and experiences that it was founded as an innovation company, you go with us. Our dedication to innovation doesn't mean we innovate just to shake things up; it simply means we believe in pushing the envelope, always aspiring to be better, and not being satisfied with doing what everyone else is doing.

If you want to be associated with a brand that is multi-dimensional rather than one-dimensional, you go with us. By necessity, some businesses operate better when they specialize. But a creative company doesn't have that limitation. So rather than limiting our wide-ranging expertise to just one field, we bring innovation to many different fields.

It's All Rocket Science. Without a doubt, rocket science involves working with advanced aerospace equations. But the nature of the field goes well beyond those equations. In fact, rocket science is characterized by the uniquely bold, cutting-edge, meticulous, and comprehensive approach that must be employed on a daily basis to routinely achieve success in the field.

When we look at rocket science from that perspective, we can say with confidence that we apply the fundamentals of rocket science to everything we do. That is, the grueling attention-to-detail, the logic trees, the contingency planning, the complex logistics associated with operational implementation, the creativity, the ingenuity, the innovation, the push-the-envelope design philosophy, the "moonshot" mindset, and the failure-is-not-an-option mantra that underlie practically all space missions are the very things we apply to every product and service we create, offer, and provide.

Our Name. There are two words in our company name, Blue and Perigee. Blue is just what you'd expect...the color blue. Perigee is the point at which an object is closest to the body it is orbiting. To pronounce our name, you simply say Blue (blu) Per (like pear, the fruit) - ih (like the "i" in video) - gee (like the letter "g").

Founding. We were founded in November 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. In January 2021, we moved to Cool Springs, south of Nashville.

Portfolio. Our current and upcoming products and services include:

(1) Free online innovation education via publications produced by Blue Perigee U;
(2) General Feasibility Endorsements (GFEs) and Pre-Seed Grants (PSGs) for aerospace-related innovators;
(3) Innovation consulting for individuals, groups, and organizations involved in politics, business, and more;
(4) Innovation certification for individuals, businesses, and cities;
(5) Communications & gaming using our innovative, acronym-based platform, drop!;
(6) Premium, AI-focused, radiology-related solutions dedicated to sourcing, recruiting, and boosting;
(7) Premier, innovation-focused advertising opportunities;
(8) An in-house institute dedicated to frontier technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain (in beta);
(9) Streaming video content that revolves around innovation (in beta);
(10) Personalized consulting for buyers of cutting-edge luxury vehicles (in beta); and
(11) Personalized consulting for those in the market for a high-tech PVA (Private Aircraft) or LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) (in beta).

What, Not Who. We believe in selling our services as products not personal services, especially since our individual offerings and combination of offerings are rather unique and innovative. To put it another way, our approach focuses on what we sell, not who's selling it. After all, if you emphasize who you are rather than the uniqueness of the products or services you offer, you're sending the message that people should focus on you because your products or services aren't noticeably better than anything else out there.

Logos. In March 2020, we created and adopted a new Blue Perigee logo. Dubbed the Blue Perigee "Deep Space" logo, you'll find this logo in the header and footer of our website and elsewhere. This logo, a variant created for Blue Perigee Pro (BPP), a variant created for Blue Perigee Club (BPC), and a variant created for the Blue Perigee Institute for Frontier Technologies (BPIFT) are the four official logos in our active logo library.

Slogan. In our logo and home-page brand video, you may have noticed our slogan, Experience The Beauty Of Ingenuity. While we are indeed a wide-spectrum innovation company, different people think of different things when they hear the words innovate or innovation. Some people think only of rocket ships or high-technology. Some people think these words refer to being different without regard to whether that difference is actually better in some way. And some people think these words simply mean that they should do something that is new to them.  

For us, innovation is the end-result of a process that begins with a sincere desire to make life better for consumers, businesses, and people in general. What's more, we feel that innovation occurs only when a new and better concept is refined enough to be applied to the real world and is in fact used by people in the real world. Before this point is reached, a new and better concept is merely the initial ingredient in an exhaustive process that consists of a creative idea, a clever way to use or apply the idea, an assessment of the usability and benefits of the idea, and an analysis, in most cases, of the commercial viability of the idea. While this process can be tedious, complicated, and drawn out, it can also produce some very beautiful results. And so, with our slogan, we have chosen to focus not on innovation itself but on the element of ingenuity that is part of a complex process that actually creates new beauty.

Publications. The official versions of our Blue Perigee U articles, drop!, and profile sheets are accessible only from blueperigee.com. You may access these publications by following the direct link for a particular publication wherever it appears on this site. Note that you may read a publication online or you may download the corresponding pdf by utilizing the down-arrow icon in the right corner above the publication you are viewing.

Messaging. If you'd like to contact us via a messaging app, we are available on Telegram. Telegram is a privacy-focused message app for mobile and desktop. If you have Telegram installed, you may message us (@BluePerigee) using the Telegram link in the footer. If you are not familiar with Telegram, you may visit the Telegram website to learn more.

Quick. To obtain a quick overview of our company and our offerings, download our Company Profile Sheet or The Blue Perigee Profile Sheet Collection.

ABOUT...Bright Aero

Spur Innovation. Bright Aero is the name of our service that provides General Feasibility Endorsements (GFEs) and Pre-Seed Grants (PSGs) for aerospace-related innovators. It was created to encourage innovation, especially among individuals and small businesses that don't have access to extensive resources.

Viability. Not only does Bright Aero provide funding to turn ideas into practical applications, it helps aerospace-related innovators demonstrate the scientific and commercial viability of their idea as they seek seed funding through venture capital firms or crowd-sourcing.

To The Point. To obtain a quick overview of Bright Aero, download our Bright Aero Profile Sheet.

ABOUT...Blue Perigee Io

Namesake. Blue Perigee Io ("Eye-O") is the name of our innovation consulting division. It is named after one of Jupiter's moons.

Key Concepts. There are four key concepts that you must understand about innovation. One, the concept of innovation is not limited to technological innovation. Two, the concept of innovation is not limited to products. Three, a product, service or other end-result output is the byproduct of innovation; it is not itself innovation. And four, some form of politics almost always accompanies innovation.

Services. Our innovation consulting services allow you to choose from two options. With our Galileo-Class services, we can do the innovation for you by using our innovative prowess to address your project, problem or issue. Alternatively, with our Leonardo-Class services, we can teach you, your group or your organization the fundamentals of innovation.

Now. For a quick overview of what Blue Perigee Io has to offer, download our Blue Perigee Io Profile Sheet.

ABOUT...Blue Perigee Sapphire

Details. Blue Perigee Sapphire is the name of our innovation certification service and this service offers a credential known as Blue Perigee Sapphire Innovation Certification (BPSIC).

Availability. BPSIC is available to individuals, most businesses, and cities.

Aspirational. Even if you have a traditional mindset or come from heavily rule-oriented backgrounds like military or government work, you can aspire to BPSIC after upgrading your innovation-related skills through Blue Perigee U or Blue Perigee Io.

Brand-Out. When you obtain BPSIC, not only do you stand-out, you possess a unique credential that validates that your personal, business or city brand stands for something more.

Immediate. For a quick overview of what Blue Perigee Sapphire has to offer, download our Blue Perigee Sapphire Profile Sheet.

ABOUT...Blue Perigee drop!

AKA. The official name of our acronym-based communications platform is Blue Perigee drop! but "drop!" will do just fine.

Spelling. To spell drop! properly, you usually begin with a lowercase "d" and end with an exclamation point. However, in some contexts, drop! will begin with a capital letter.

Elements. Within drop!, each acronym is considered to be an element. Each drop! element offers so much more than an ordinary acronym that elements effectively operate as hyper-acronyms.

Specs. Our acronym-based platform drop! is a compilation of 55 categories and 1,224 elements that can be used in everyday life for messaging, texting, social-media posting, and talking.

Personalize. Using x-drop!, our drop! companion, you may personalize each drop! element in 200 different ways.

Be In It. For a fee, an eligible business may request a customized drop! element that we will add to a future drop! release.

Advertising. Eligible businesses may purchase a customized drop! element, a customized element category, a sponsorship of one or more pre-existing element categories or a sponsorship of the drop!-related portions of our website.

The Game. If you're looking for more fun things to do with drop!, try dtg (drop! the game). We expect it to launch on May 1, 2021.

Free. The official version of drop! and dtg are offered free of charge to the public.

Updates. Typically, drop! is updated two to three times per year. On occasion, it may be updated more frequently.

Big Pic. To obtain a quick overview of drop!, download our Drop! 7.1 Profile Sheet.


Three Solutions. Radiology+ consists of three, AI-focused solutions: premium sourcing, premium recruiting, and premium boosting. These solutions may be secured separately or as part of a customized package.

Clients Defined. Radiology+ solutions are available to hospitals, imaging centers, radiology groups, and other radiology-related businesses, regardless of size.

Future-Proof. All Radiology+ solutions are built around the idea of preparing clients for the future, including the coming Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Moreover, these solutions have been created to future-proof the value that radiologists and radiology teams bring to the practice of radiology.

Board-Certified. All Radiology+ solutions are managed or performed by a board-certified radiologist.

All In One. To obtain a quick overview of our Radiology+ solutions, download our Radiology+ Profile Sheet.

ABOUT...Our Beta Projects

Prelude. Beta projects are projects that are still in the experimental phase. They may be operational but with limited features and/or limited availability. Below, we describe the current projects we have in beta.

BPIFT. The Blue Perigee Institute for Frontier Technologies (BPIFT) is our in-house research and training division. BPIFT's mission is to keep abreast of frontier technologies, create training programs for technologies relevant to our brand, and deliver that training to company-affiliated personnel, clients, and interested third parties. While BPIFT may revolve around any frontier technology relevant to our brand, it currently focuses on the application of Artificial Intelligence to the field of radiology as well as the potential application of Blockchain technology to various products and services.

Blue Perigee Studios. All of our videos are related to innovation in some way and they are all created and produced by Blue Perigee Studios. Currently, our video inventory is limited to company-related videos. However, in the future, we will be offering an expansive library of innovation-related content.

Blue Perigee Drive. If you're looking to buy a cutting-edge gas or alternative-energy luxury vehicle, Blue Perigee Drive is for you. With a heavy emphasis on innovation and personalized advice, it's far more than your average car consulting service.

Blue Perigee Flight. If you're in the market for an innovative PVA (Private Aircraft) or LSA (Light Sport Aircraft), Blue Perigee Flight is just what you're looking for. With an emphasis on smaller, more affordable aircraft with the latest in aerodynamic performance, avionics, safety systems or fuel efficiency, this service will put you on the leading edge of innovation and flight for years to come.

ABOUT...Our Website

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