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The Company

This Is Why Us. We're a tech company that lives on the frontier and, essentially, the world of tomorrow is what we sell. If you want to be associated with a brand that is built on tomorrow and not the past, you go with us. Our focus on the future doesn't necessarily mean we reject the past or time-honored values; it simply means we are always focused on maximizing potential, opportunity, and quality of life.

If you want to be associated with a brand that is so committed to delivering the most cutting-edge products, services, and experiences that it was founded as a frontier tech company, you go with us. Our dedication to the frontier doesn't mean we create or innovate just to shake things up; it simply means we believe in pushing the envelope, always aspiring to be better, and not being satisfied with doing what everyone else is doing.

And if you want to be associated with a brand that is multi-dimensional rather than one-dimensional, you go with us. By necessity, some businesses operate better when they focus on one thing. But a tech-oriented creative company doesn't have that limitation. So rather than limiting our wide-ranging expertise to just one field, we pursue the frontier in many different fields.

Our Mantra. Our mantra is quite simple: we push technology and the application of technology to the frontier and beyond.

Our Name. There are two words in our company name, Blue and Perigee. Blue refers to the color blue. Perigee is the point at which an object is closest to the body it is orbiting. To pronounce our name, you simply say Blue (blu) Per (like pear, the fruit) - ih (like the "i" in video) - gee (like the letter "g").

Founding. We were founded in November 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. In April 2021, we moved to Cool Springs, south of Nashville.

Tech Portfolio. Our current and upcoming products and services include:

(1) Free online tech education via our in-house-produced publications;
(2) Free online updates about advancements in the world of tech;
(3) Creator consulting for individuals, groups, and organizations;
(4) Creator certification for individuals, businesses, and cities;
(5) An in-house institute dedicated to exploring frontier technologies and their applications;
(6) A video-content service that pushes the frontier (Fall/Winter 2021);
(7) Communications & gaming using our innovative, acronym-based platform;
(8) Tech-focused advertising opportunities;
(9) Specialized, tech-centered, radiology-related solutions dedicated to sourcing and boosting; and
(10) Two breakthrough ultrasound services (Fall/Winter 2021).

Publications. The official versions of Blue Perigee Mission articles and Blue Perigee Drop! are accessible only from blueperigee.com. You may access these publications by following the direct link for a particular publication wherever it appears on this site. Note that you may read a publication online or you may download the corresponding pdf by utilizing the down-arrow icon in the right corner above the publication you are viewing.

Pay With Crypto. In the near future, we'll be accepting cryptocurrency for payment.

Blue Perigee Mission

Go Time. Blue Perigee Mission offers free, online tech education through our in-house publications. If you want to remain relevant as a human, it's a good place to start.

Blue Perigee Watch

Curiosity. Blue Perigee Watch is a free way to keep up with individuals and businesses on the tech frontier.

Blue Perigee Labs

BPL. Blue Perigee Labs (BPL) is our in-house research and training institute. BPL's mission is to keep abreast of frontier technologies, create training programs for technologies relevant to our brand, and deliver that training to company-affiliated personnel, clients, and interested third parties.

Blue Perigee Metal

Create. Blue Perigee Metal is a consulting service that revolves around the frontier of creativity and it comes in two varieties. Choose our Platinum-Class service if you'd like us to use our creative prowess to address your project, problem or issue. Or, choose our Titanium-Class service if you'd like us to teach you or your group, organization or business the fundamentals of creativity.

Blue Perigee Infinity

Details. Blue Perigee Infinity is a certification service and it offers a credential known as Blue Perigee Infinity Creator Certification (BPICC).

Availability. BPICC is available to individuals, businesses, and cities.

Aspirational. Even if you have a traditional mindset or come from heavily rule-oriented backgrounds like military or government work, you can aspire to BPICC after upgrading your skills through Blue Perigee Mission or Blue Perigee Metal.

Brand-Out. When you obtain BPICC, not only do you stand-out, you possess a unique credential that validates that your personal, business or city brand is bold, creative, and lives to explore the tech frontier.

Blue Perigee Studios

The Frontier Of Video. Blue Perigee Studios is the video-production arm of Blue Perigee. It will go live in Fall/Winter 2021.

Blue Perigee Drop!

Elements. Blue Perigee Drop! (aka Drop!) is built on acronyms and each acronym is an element. Each element offers so much more than an ordinary acronym that elements effectively operate as hyper-acronyms.

Specs. Drop! is a compilation of 55 categories and 1,241 elements that can be used in everyday life for messaging, texting, social-media posting, and talking.

Personalize. Using X-Drop!, our Drop! companion, you may personalize each element in 200 different ways.

Advertising. Eligible businesses may purchase a customized Drop! element, a customized element category, a sponsorship of one or more pre-existing element categories or a sponsorship of the Drop!-related portions of our website.

The Game. If you're looking for more fun things to do with Drop!, try DTG (Drop! The Game). We expect it to launch on September 1, 2021.

Free. The official version of Drop! and DTG are offered free of charge to the public.

Updates. Typically, Drop! is updated two to three times per year. On occasion, it may be updated more frequently.


Two Solutions. Radiology+ is one of our two MedTech sub-brands and it consists of two, tech-centered solutions: specialized sourcing and specialized boosting. These solutions may be secured separately or as part of a customized package.

Clients. Radiology+ solutions are available to hospitals, imaging centers, radiology groups, and other radiology-related businesses, regardless of size.

Future-Proof. Our Radiology+ solutions are built around the idea of preparing clients for the future. Moreover, these solutions have been created to future-proof the value that radiologists and radiology teams bring to the practice of radiology.

Board-Certified. Our Radiology+ solutions are managed or performed by a board-certified radiologist.

Deep Look

Ultra Ultrasound. Deep Look is one of our two MedTech sub-brands and it will consist of two breakthrough ultrasound services: Deep Look FBO for physician's offices and other fixed-base healthcare providers and Deep Look Mobile that will expand the frontier of mobile ultrasound. Both services will go live in Fall/Winter 2021.

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