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The Company

Founding. Blue Perigee was founded in November 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. In April 2021, the company moved to Cool Springs, south of Nashville. To learn more about the company, just visit our Brand page.

Portfolio. We offer services in the medical field. These services include:

(1) An ultrasound-scanning service (Fall 2024); and
Specialized, tech-centered, radiology-related solutions dedicated to sourcing and boosting.


Scanning. Indigo is our ultrasound-scanning service. It will go live in Fall 2024.

PAOs. A PAO is a Potentially Adverse Operator. Among other things, PAOs include pesticides used in food production, coatings applied to protect organic foods after harvesting, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), UPFs (Ultraprocessed Foods), microplastics, pharmaceuticals, and even tattoos (whose inks can leech into the lymphatic system). Ultrasound scanning can help determine whether you have been impacted by a PAO.


Two Solutions. Radiology+ consists of two, tech-centered solutions for radiology-related businesses: specialized sourcing and specialized boosting. These solutions may be secured separately or as part of a customized package. For an overview of our radiology-related solutions, please visit Radiology+ .

Clients. Radiology+ solutions are available to hospitals, imaging centers, radiology groups, and other radiology-related businesses, regardless of size.

Future-Proof. Our Radiology+ solutions are built around the idea of preparing clients for the future. Moreover, these solutions have been created to future-proof the value that radiologists and radiology teams bring to the practice of radiology.

Board-Certified. Our Radiology+ solutions are managed or performed by a board-certified radiologist.

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