Original. Brands can develop their own personalities and reputations but every brand is built upon human knowledge, skills, and experiences. For an introduction to the knowledge, skills, and experiences that led to Blue Perigee's original brand, just review the Specs below.

Specs | Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Blue Perigee's CEO possesses a B.S. with honors (major in biological sciences) from an East Coast university's School of Arts & Sciences, an M.D. from an East Coast university's School of Medicine, and advanced medical expertise gained while training at two Southern universities.

Overview. Our CEO is a seasoned entrepreneur with a tech background in medical-sector businesses. As a self-made businessperson, he knows first-hand that merely maintaining the status quo is not a blueprint for success for individuals or businesses.

The Early Years. To be a successful tech CEO, you need a long history of unique experiences, adaptation, and overcoming challenges. And our CEO has exactly that kind of history. For instance, he proved his mettle early on by earning academic honors while attending a private boarding school, by balancing competing work and school obligations while attending college, and by relying on his business acumen to secure research-assistant contracts for himself with prestigious institutions, such as Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Career. Consistent with his leadership credentials, our CEO is a board-certified radiologist with a background in internal medicine and nuclear medicine. To date, he has two decades of combined experience in field-level radiology, radiology recruiting, and radiology-team management. Moreover, he has worked with hospitals in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast, has served as Managing Director of Radiology Services, and has always left his mark due to his unrelenting emphasis on efficiency, quality, and professionalism. As CEO, he oversees the company's business and medical operations.

Personal. Far more that just a physician and business leader, our CEO is a private pilot, a member of AOPA, a car guy, a hiker, a skier, a wine connoisseur, a guitarist, an Akita lover, and an avid traveler. Over the years, he has driven and owned high-performance cars and motorcycles, served as a medical advisor on a reservation in a remote part of Utah, flown in a hot-air balloon over Napa Valley, traveled throughout Europe, and piloted and owned advanced personal aircraft, such as the Cirrus SR22T.

Contact. To contact us, please visit our Connect page.