Discoveries. Innovation is about the undiscovered. And service-based innovation related to radiology is no different. It's about undiscovered efficiencies. Undiscovered quality. Undiscovered professionalism. Undiscovered potential. And undiscovered opportunities. But you have to know where to look to find all of these things. And as it turns out, we're very good at knowing where to look.

A Full Suite. Radiology+ offers premium solutions in the areas of sourcing, recruiting, and boosting. Our sourcing solution is a complete radiology staffing solution for hospitals and other radiology-related businesses. Our recruiting solution helps your business find and hire ad-hoc, forward-looking, radiology-related recruits. And our boosting solution consists of consulting services designed to enhance radiology-related metrics, such as efficiency, quality, professionalism, and preparedness for tomorrow's world of radiology. Moreover, our boosting solution may be accessed at a significantly discounted rate in conjunction with our sourcing solution or it may be purchased at full value on its own.

Just to be clear, Radiology+ isn't just about today, next month or even next year because Artificial Intelligence (AI) is knocking on every radiologist's door. To address this issue, we've taken a forward-looking approach with Radiology+ by creating premium solutions that prepare our clients for an AI-dominated tomorrow. In the process, Radiology+ helps future-proof the operations of hospitals, imaging centers, radiology groups, and other radiology-related businesses. And this future-proofing isn't meant to last a few weeks or months but for many years to come. What's more, if you'd like further assurances that your radiology team is future-ready, simply pursue individual or business innovation certification through Blue Perigee Sapphire. After all, what better way to tell the world that you're on the cutting edge?

The Frontier. To demonstrate just how serious we are about preparing others for the future, we created an in-house research and training division known as the Blue Perigee Institute for Frontier Technologies (BPIFT). BPIFT's mission is to keep abreast of frontier technologies, create training programs for technologies relevant to our brand, and deliver that training to company-affiliated personnel, clients, and interested third parties. While BPIFT may revolve around any frontier technology relevant to our brand, it currently focuses on the application of Artificial Intelligence to the field of radiology as well as the potential application of Blockchain technology to various products and services.

A Peek. If you're ready to take a peek at tomorrow, just watch the video below and then check out the Radiology+ solutions we offer by following the photo links that appear later on this page. If you'd like a quick overview of our Radiology+ solutions, just download our Radiology+ Profile Sheet. Then, get in touch with us. We'll be happy to show you a world you've never experienced. In the meantime, you may want to read our Blue Perigee U publication, The Last Human. It offers a few steps that each of us can take to prepare for an AI-dominated world.

On The Edge. Cutting-edge innovation isn't just about shiny new consumer products like phones with higher-resolution cameras, tech-filled cars, and Internet-connected devices. Services can exist at the forefront of innovation as well. In fact, that's exactly where our Radiology+ solutions like to hang out. So take a look around and then join us in the world of tomorrow.

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