AI Is Here. Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. And for hospitals, imaging centers, and radiology groups, we offer innovative consulting services designed to enhance the efficiency, quality, and professionalism of your organization. What's more, because we recognize the increasingly larger role that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will inevitably play in radiology, our services are designed to future-proof your operations. This future-focused approach is better for you, your patients, and your bottom line.

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The Plus. Our radiology-related services are called Radiology+ and that plus is shorthand for more. Much more. In the past, hiring a firm that specialized in traditional radiology consulting was sufficient. But with the rapid pace of innovation, the rise of Artificial Intelligence, and the constantly changing business climate, doing it old-school doesn't cut it anymore.

Nowadays, you need an adviser that does more than just radiology consulting. A firm that pushes the boundaries of the status quo in a variety of different fields. A firm that can draw upon numerous areas of expertise to find solutions to your problems. And a firm who is so committed to the future that its whole business model is centered around the creation of change for the better. In other words, if your radiology-related business wishes to excel in the world of tomorrow, your adviser needs to be much more than a mere traditional consulting firm.

Two Blue. To make things easy, we offer two distinct consulting plans: Azure and Indigo. Azure is designed for hospitals seeking new radiology coverage on a contract basis. With Azure, we arrange for full radiology coverage for your hospital(s) during the specified contract term. Any recruiting needed to provide that coverage is also included.

In contrast to Azure, Indigo is designed for hospitals, imaging centers, and radiology groups who want to elevate the efficiency, quality, and professionalism of their current staff. With Indigo, we perform a detailed analysis of your operations and make recommendations designed to ensure your organization is on the cutting edge of radiology.

What's more, Indigo allows for two different payment options. You may choose the standard payment option, which involves a "one-use" contract, or you may choose the subscription option, which allows us to keep your organization on the cutting edge as equipment, personnel, and circumstances change.

Chain Reaction. Before you leave, we'd like to make one last comment about Artificial Intelligence. If the history of technology is any guide, most people are seriously overestimating how long it will take for AI to transform the lives of individuals and businesses, society, and the field of radiology in particular. Indeed, all signs indicate that AI is on the verge of undergoing a chain reaction. And that means you need to prepare for an AI-dominated world now, before the chain reaction occurs. After all, because AI is maturing at an accelerating rate, there's no way to know in advance what the fallout will be if you choose to wait.

Admittedly, there's always some degree of hype and sensationalism surrounding impactful technologies. Nevertheless, we take the impending dominance of AI very seriously. In fact, to help others prepare for game-changing technologies like AI, we created the Blue Perigee Institute for Frontier Technologies (BPIFT).

Contact. To contact us regarding our Radiology+ consulting services, please visit Connect and complete our Connect Form, message us via Telegram or email us.