The Wild Frontier. Whether it's Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Web Tech, apps or something else entirely, we keep abreast of frontier technologies. To be clear, frontier technologies are typically technological innovations that have survived the research and development phase but they have yet to enter mainstream adoption and use. With technologies such as these, the question always arises as to how to stay ahead of the curve by becoming familiar with these technologies even though relatively few people are currently using them. After all, if you wait to become acquainted with these technologies until after they become popular, you're already at the back of the pack. To solve this problem, we created the Blue Perigee Institute for Frontier Technologies (BPIFT).

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Blue Means Go. BPIFT is our in-house research and training division. BPIFT's mission is to keep abreast of frontier technologies, create training programs for technologies relevant to our brand, and deliver that training to company-affiliated personnel, clients, and interested third parties. While BPIFT may revolve around any frontier technology relevant to our brand, it currently focuses on the application of Artificial Intelligence to the field of radiology as well as the potential application of Blockchain technology to various products and services.

Need To Know. Without a doubt, frontier technologies like Artificial intelligence and Blockchain are highly complex. In fact, they often revolve around computer science and advanced mathematics. But the purpose of BPIFT is not to train people to become highly skilled experts in these fields; for that, you need extensive formal training. Instead, BPIFT was established to focus on the practical applications of the new technologies that derive from these fields. In other words, BPIFT was created to teach the core principles someone may need to know to understand the frontier technology or technologies that may soon permeate the particular profession in which they operate.

On Call. As an in-house division of Blue Perigee, internal company policies typically determine which frontier technologies BPIFT will address at any given time. However, that is not always the case. As a wide-spectrum innovation company, we are capable of researching and understanding a diverse array of technologies and we are quite adept at communicating the practical applications of those technologies. Consequently, if your organization or business would benefit from a better understanding of a particular frontier technology, feel free to contact us about a BPIFT customized training program.

Breaking Beta. We'll be offering services through BPIFT in mid-2021. But rest assured, while you're otherwise occupied with the intricacies of life, we'll be doing everything we can to prepare you for the future.