On Tech. The future can be very bright if we know what we're getting into. But it can be very dim if we don't. Frontier technologies, and technology in general, hold great promise. They can create efficiencies we never imagined were possible. They can help us solve problems we thought were unsolvable. They can fill our lives with previously unknown conveniences. In certain contexts, they can even alleviate or prevent pain and suffering. But various types of technology can also be used to limit, destroy, minimize, unfairly categorize, and harass.

At Blue Perigee, it goes without saying that we prefer a bright future. And thus, our Tech Values reflect our beliefs about the values that technology must incorporate to usher-in a very bright future for all of us.

At Its Core. We are a frontier tech company and the very pursuit of the frontier embodies certain inherent principles. At its core, the pursuit of the frontier revolves around making life better. But it actually goes much deeper than that. To be an authentic tech company, you cannot force the world to change just so that you can succeed financially or otherwise. You can ask it to change but you cannot demand that it do so. Consequently, the pursuit of the frontier requires that you respect people's individuality, autonomy, independence, freedom, privacy, and right to choose. Any attempt to be cutting-edge that blatantly disregards these values is not, in fact, enlightened or modern. Instead, it is just a means of control and a re-packaging of the past.

Merits. Because of our company's beliefs, we do not knowingly support any type of technology or application of technology that is purposely designed or used to disregard our core values as they pertain to tech. Like any so-called advancement in any field, technology must prove itself on the merits. In the end, if a specific technology or application of technology is really that much better than the status quo, it will win on the merits and it will be adopted openly and willingly by the vast majority of people.

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Last Updated July 21, 2021