Actually, Space Isn't

The Final Frontier.

You Are.

Space. It's a fascinating phenomenon and it will symbolize frontier exploration for quite a long time. But space isn't actually the final frontier because the true final frontier will always be the unexplored and undeveloped reaches of each human mind.

Humans. We were born to be curious, creative, courageous, ingenious, and innovative. And we were built to continuously explore life's constantly changing territory, push the limits of our capabilities, and inspire others. In other words, we were Born To Frontier.

Tech Identity. Whether rooted in high technology, low technology or natural technology (such as the human brain), tech is an integral part of the human experience. And the drive to discover, create, and inspire is critical to our identity as humans.

Adventure. To learn more about us and how we can help you find adventure on the frontier, watch our flagship brand video, visit our brand story, and scroll through our Tech Portfolio.

The Frontier Awaits

When a company is fueled by the convergence of art, science, technology, creativity, ingenuity, and innovation, you get a tech brand that lives to explore the frontier.



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Secretive man in building after hours. Android interacting with large, table-top computer display that says AI.Chrome ball reflected on metal floor.Two astronauts in an airlock with Earth in background.Data streaming through blue fiber optic cable.Blue computer chip on motherboard.Drafting tools lying on top of a blueprint.Collage of radiologists in hospital.Medical personnel talking outside hospital.Two radiologists looking at computer screen.Woman on bed receiving ultrasound.

Blue Perigee Mission
Tech Ed
To survive in a hyper-tech world,
you've got to go on a mission

Blue Perigee Watch
For The Tech Curious
Keep up with the latest from
the tech frontier

Blue Perigee Labs
Apps In The Wild
Research and training dedicated
to the application of frontier tech

Blue Perigee Metal
Creator Consulting
To journey to the tech frontier,
you've got to be made of metal

Blue Perigee Infinity
Creator Certification
The essential credential for those
who know no boundaries

Blue Perigee Studios
Video Tech
Bringing tech stories to the
frontier in Fall/Winter 2021

Blue Perigee Drop!
Comms & Gaming
Personalized comms & gaming
for a tech-centered world

Tech-Targeted Ads
Unique ad reach and targeting
for all kinds of businesses

Tech-focused solutions that
push radiology to the edge

Specialized Sourcing
A contract-based staffing solution
for radiology-related businesses

Specialized Boosting
A consulting solution that boosts
radiology-related metrics

Deep Look
Expanding the frontier of
ultrasound in Fall/Winter 2021


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Without The Frontier,

It's Just Tech.