Awareness. As an innovation company, we are, by definition, always focused on the future. Therefore, it would be impossible for us to be oblivious to the consequences of our actions. And this inherent awareness naturally includes the environmental consequences of our actions. Thus, one of the benefits of being an innovation company is that limiting our environmental impact is an intrinsic part of our company's DNA.

Anticipation. We don't do things on impulse. We don't act and worry about the consequences later. And we don't do things merely because they're convenient. As an innovation company, we can't afford to. Everything we do, everything we create, everything we offer is planned, analyzed, and refined. We balance costs and benefits. We anticipate outcomes. And we are keenly aware that anything that can be created can always produce unintended or unwanted side-effects.

Action. With these principles in mind, we take great pains to build sustainability into our product(s) and services, even if our focus on sustainability reduces usability or comfort. For instance, the creative-design elements we apply to our digital Profile Sheets, such as multiple colors, multiple photos, and shadows, are designed in part to encourage online viewing and sharing. While the ability to perform a document search is an integral component of drop!, our social-acronym product, we nevertheless employ Terms Of Use that are designed to deter printing of the pdf document. And our Blue Perigee Club offering known as Blue Perigee Flight requires that potential environmental impacts be given substantial weight when considering different types of aircraft, even if the weight given to environmental concerns leads us to recommend a smaller or less powerful aircraft than would otherwise be recommended in a particular situation.

Always. Incidentally, our sustainability initiatives aren't limited to our product and service offerings. Even our company operations are designed with sustainability in mind. That's why our policies promote tele-commuting and the use of technologies like online file sharing and video-conferencing whenever possible.

In the end, our needs and objectives are always tempered by sustainability concerns and the actions and policies described above are just some of the ways in which we do our part.

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Last Updated March 28, 2021