Mightily Modern. Traditional medicine is based on the past, long-established ways of doing things, and everything being virtually the same no matter which medical professionals you visit. But we no longer live in an age of traditional medicine; we live in an age of modern medicine. And modern medicine is different. It's based on cutting-edge approaches, the latest tech, innovation, and personalization. And not coincidentally, these characteristics also define Starlight. Starlight is one of our cutting-edge sub-brands and it offers significant upgrades in the field of ultrasound.

Woman on bed receiving ultrasound.

Fixed and Mobile. In Fall 2022, Starlight will consist of two ultrasound services. One of the services will be known as Starlight FBO and it will offer contract-based ultrasound services in physicians' offices and other fixed healthcare locations. The other service will be known as Starlight Mobile and it will expand the frontier of mobile ultrasound.

Stay Tuned.