Essential. As everyone in the medical profession knows, certification is a must. And for physicians, board-certification is essentially a must-have. But the need for and benefits of certification don't stop with individuals. Medical-related businesses need certification too, especially when it pertains to innovation. Because when it comes to medical care, patients want proof they're being treated by the best.

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Higher. Typically, an agency or board will certify that a business meets the minimum standards of quality as defined by that organization. While those standards may be relatively high, the threshold for certification is quite often not as high as it could be or should be.

Innovation-Centric. To satisfy the need for a more meaningful level of certification, we offer Blue Perigee Innovation Certification (BPIC) for businesses such as hospitals, imaging centers, and radiology groups. This innovation-centric certification is based on an evaluation of your organization's efficiency, quality, and professionalism. Moreover, when conducting our full-fledged review of your operation, we assess your organization's policies, including whether those policies create a welcoming environment for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Verified. After our review, we'll issue a BPIC certification badge that you may display to confirm your cutting-edge credentials. In addition, your business partners and the general public will be able to independently confirm your BPIC certification with us. If you fail to achieve BPIC certification, we'll advise you of the steps you may take to earn certification in the future. In the end, BPIC certification is not just another certification because BPIC certification from Blue Perigee means the innovation bona fides of your business have been verified by a company whose whole mission is innovation.

Chain Reaction. Before you leave, we'd like to make one last comment about Artificial Intelligence. If the history of technology is any guide, most people are seriously overestimating how long it will take for AI to transform the lives of individuals and businesses, society, and the field of radiology in particular. Indeed, all signs indicate that AI is on the verge of undergoing a chain reaction. And that means you need to prepare for an AI-dominated world now, before the chain reaction occurs. After all, because AI is maturing at an accelerating rate, there's no way to know in advance what the fallout will be if you choose to wait.

Admittedly, there's always some degree of hype and sensationalism surrounding impactful technologies. Nevertheless, we take the impending dominance of AI very seriously. In fact, to help others prepare for game-changing technologies like AI, we created the Blue Perigee Institute for Frontier Technologies (BPIFT).

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