At Your Service. We know how it usually works. We write a press release, we send it to the media, and maybe someone stumbles across our release. And every now and then, we use that approach. But in a world where the media get flooded with a barrage of press releases day in and day out, that system has reached the breaking point. After all, journalists simply don't have the time to search through an endless sea of press releases. What's more, newsworthy items usually involve something unique, new or different. So unless a company's press release describes its newsworthy item using the very same words or phrases that a journalist is searching for, the journalist will miss newsworthy releases. To avoid these problems, we came up with a better approach. And this approach isn't just for our benefit, it's for the media's as well.

young woman in front of news wall

One-Stop Shopping. With our approach, you can find links to all of our company-issued press releases on this page. No need to wade through hundreds or thousands of press releases searching for newsworthy content. No need to hope your keyword search includes the same keywords we used in our release. No need to wonder if we issued a release on a particular topic that you may have missed. No need to worry about press-release links that may have disappeared due to age. Everything is chronicled right here.

Follow Us. To keep-up with our press releases, simply bookmark this page. Or, if you prefer social media, you may follow the special Telegram channel we've created just for the media. Aptly named Blue Perigee Press Conference, this channel broadcasts links to our press releases and nothing else so that your inbox won't be filled with non-newsworthy content. In addition, when merited and feasible, we'll hold a virtual press conference through the chat group associated with this special Telegram channel.

Releases. Links to all of the press releases we've issued since May 2021 are available below.

Coming Soon.