The Brand
The Timeline

The Brand Begins. The mission was a simple one: create a business and a brand unlike anything else. With that mission directive in mind, we decided to focus on general principles, not specific industries. In particular, we knew we needed to create a business that ventured into many areas, not just one. A business that harnessed our creativity, ingenuity, and background in consulting, engineering, technology, economics, law, medicine, and aviation. A business that lived in tomorrow, not yesterday or today. A business that concerned itself with the way things could be, not the way things were or are. And a business driven by possibilities and potential, not one governed by rules and limitations.

When all was said and done, we concluded that the only type of business that met those criteria was a wide-spectrum innovation company. And with that momentous decision, a brand unlike any other was born. Because you see, we didn't just create a new business or brand that fit into a pre-existing industry. Instead, we created a whole new concept...a business and a brand that exist solely to create and promote innovation.

Going Boldly. To be honest, keeping one foot on the shore just isn't our style. So when we created Blue Perigee, we had to go all-in. That means we're liable to enter any consumer or business area that isn't being served, that's under-served or that's being served at a quality level beneath our exceptionally high standards.

In particular, our current and upcoming products and services include:

(1) Free online innovation education via publications produced by Blue Perigee U;
(2) General Feasibility Endorsements (GFEs) and Pre-Seed Grants (PSGs) for aerospace-related innovators;
(3) Innovation consulting for individuals, groups, and organizations involved in politics, business, and more;
(4) Innovation certification for individuals, businesses, and cities;
(5) Communications & gaming using our innovative, acronym-based platform, drop!;
(6) Premium, AI-focused, radiology-related solutions dedicated to sourcing, recruiting, and boosting;
(7) Premier, innovation-focused advertising opportunities;
(8) An in-house institute dedicated to frontier technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain (in beta);
(9) Streaming video content that revolves around innovation (in beta);
(10) Personalized consulting for buyers of cutting-edge luxury vehicles (in beta); and
(11) Personalized consulting for those in the market for a high-tech PVA (Private Aircraft) or LSA (Light Sport Aircraft).

With a comprehensive portfolio like that, you simply can't lead the way unless innovation is at the heart of everything you do. To get a snapshot of everything we do, just download our Company Profile Sheet or The Blue Perigee Profile Sheet Collection.

Leaders Of The Brand. It's always helpful to learn a little bit about the people behind a brand. And the right photos can make a company and its brand far more personable and relatable. But yearbook-style photos and "company mugshots" tend to do just the opposite. With these types of photos, people are often dressed alike and posed alike and the photos are usually taken in an antiseptic studio or office. As a result, you don't really learn much about the leaders of a company at all. So, we've taken a different approach by showing off a little bit of our individual personalities. And because of this approach, we believe our company photos are far more natural, real, and informative.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO). "PC" possesses a B.S. with honors (major in biological sciences) from an East Coast university's School of Arts & Sciences, an M.D. from an East Coast university's School of Medicine, and advanced medical expertise gained while training at two Southern universities.

Overview. Our CEO has an extensive background in medically related sciences and he is also a seasoned entrepreneur. As a self-made businessperson, he knows first-hand that merely maintaining the status quo is not a blueprint for success for individuals or businesses.

The Early Years. To be a successful CEO, you need a long history of unique experiences, adaptation, and overcoming challenges. And our CEO has exactly that kind of history. For instance, he proved his mettle early on by earning academic honors while attending a private boarding school, by balancing competing work and school obligations while attending college, and by relying on his business acumen to secure research-assistant contracts for himself with prestigious institutions, such as Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Career. Consistent with his leadership credentials, our CEO is a board-certified radiologist with nearly two decades of combined experience in field-level radiology, radiology recruiting, and radiology-team management. Moreover, he has worked with hospitals in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast, has served as Managing Director of Radiology Services, and has always left his mark due to his unrelenting emphasis on efficiency, quality, and professionalism. As Blue Perigee's CEO, he is the company's primary point-of-contact with respect to all radiology-related matters and he oversees the company's general business operations as well.

Personal. Far more that just a physician and business leader, our CEO is a private pilot, a member of AOPA, a car guy, a hiker, a skier, a wine connoisseur, a guitarist, an Akita lover, and an avid traveler. Over the years, he has driven and owned high-performance motorcycles, served as a medical advisor on a reservation in a remote part of Utah, flown in a hot-air balloon over Napa Valley, traveled to Europe, and piloted and owned advanced personal aircraft, such as the Cirrus SR22T.


Architect of Innovation & Strategy (AIS). "JM" possesses a diploma from a renowned, pre-prep-school academy, a diploma from a top-ten prep school, a B.S. with honors (double major in Engineering Science and Economics) from a Southern university's School of Engineering, and a J.D. with honors from a Midwestern university's School of Law.

Overview. Our AIS has a background in engineering (emphasis on aerospace and mechanical engineering), computer science, management of technology and innovation, economics, law, and consulting. He is known for having the visually creative mind of a designer or fiction author, the analytical, detail-oriented mind of an engineer or inventor, the big-picture, strategic mind of a quarterback or general, and the passion and soul of an artist.

The Early Years. To be a successful AIS, you need a long history of scholarship, leadership, bold thinking, creativity, and excellence. And our AIS has precisely that kind of history. For example, his background includes editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, editor-in-chief of the school yearbook, class vice-president, valedictorian, recipient of a prestigious award for being the best overall person in his graduating class, dorm prefect at two different schools, head of the Parents' Weekend Committee for the School of Engineering, research assistant at a major university's science library, recipient of the Dean's Scholarship for Academic Excellence in law school, two-time recipient of a prestigious award for earning the highest grade in his law school class, recipient of a perfect score on a directed-research project in law school that revolved around the use of computer-simulation evidence in the courtroom, Law Review member for two years, including a year on the Law Review Editorial Board, Moot Court finalist, Moot Court Judge, and graduation in the top 10% of his law school class.

Career. True to his renaissance nature, our AIS has a diverse career that has spanned a wide array of fields and accomplishments. For instance, his professional work experience includes energy management consulting on projects for a major university, city and county governments, and businesses, research into the scientific and commercial feasibility of nuclear fusion for a technology think-tank that included a satellite company executive, a preeminent physicist, and the former head of a federal government agency, speech-writer for a law firm's senior partner, author of an article on Pacific Rim business opportunities for a law firm's client newsletter, co-author of a law firm article on international trade that was published in a major Midwestern business magazine, meeting independently with the Consular General of Mexico on behalf of a law firm, expertise in corporate, international trade, antitrust, patent, trademark, Constitutional, and administrative agency law, and brand, competitive strategy, and innovation consulting for new and established businesses. As Blue Perigee's AIS, his role revolves around creativity, ingenuity, product, service, and company innovation, technology, brand strategy, competitive strategy, and company growth.

Personal. The personal life of our AIS is just as varied as his work life. For example, he is a photography and videography buff, a fan of classic literature, an aviation and space enthusiast, a budding sport pilot, an early adopter of new technology, a pizza aficionado, a close friend of two Alaskan Malamutes, and a life-long traveler who has visited 50 states and ten countries. Moreover, among other things, he has flown a glider, traveled down a Jamaican river on a bamboo skiff, driven a car hundreds of miles through unfamiliar territory in central Mexico, snorkeled with wild stingrays in the Virgin Islands, traversed an ice cave in the Swiss Alps, ridden a bullet train from Paris to northern France, gone ocean-kayaking in Aruba and Hawaii, observed blue starfish on the South Pacific island of Viti Levu in the Fiji Islands, and encountered kangaroos and koalas in Australia.


July 2017. Because we possess a unique array of knowledge, creativity, and skill in a multitude of areas, we decide to create a wide-spectrum innovation company.

November 2017. We launch Blue Perigee and establish our company headquarters in Nashville.


March 2018. We release our innovative, acronym-based communications product, drop!, and offer it free of charge. Each drop! acronym is known as an "element" and drop!'s elements offer so much more than ordinary acronyms that they essentially function as hyper-acronyms.

July 2018. We release drop! 3.0, bringing the product's element count to more than 1,000.

September 2018. We release drop! 3.1, which features a re-designed cover.

November 2018. We celebrate a major milestone: our first anniversary as a company.


February 2019. We launch a new service called Bright Aero, which offers General Feasibility Endorsements (GFEs) and Pre-Seed Grants (PSGs) to aerospace-related innovators.

March 2019. We release drop! 4.1, bringing the product's element count to more than 1,100.

August 2019. We release drop! 5.0, which features stylistic enhancements.

November 2019. We celebrate another major milestone: our second anniversary as a company.

December 2019. We release drop! 6.0, which features more elements and a fresh new look.


January 2020. To celebrate a new year and a new decade, we embrace a new slogan: Experience The Beauty of Ingenuity. We also create Blue Perigee U, an effort that offers online innovation education through Blue Perigee U publications.

February 2020. We release drop! 6.1, which features stylistic enhancements and additional elements.

March 2020. We create and adopt a new Blue Perigee logo, which we dub the Blue Perigee "Deep Space" logo. We also establish an in-house research and training division known as the Blue Perigee Institute for Frontier Technologies (BPIFT). BPIFT's mission is to keep abreast of frontier technologies, create training programs for technologies relevant to our brand, and deliver that training to company-affiliated personnel, clients, and interested third parties. While BPIFT may revolve around any frontier technology relevant to our brand, its first project is to concentrate on the application of Artificial Intelligence to the field of radiology.

April 2020. To bring fresh new ideas to politics, business, and more, we begin offering innovation consulting services through Blue Perigee Io (that's "Eye-O"). We also release drop! 6.2, which includes a new cover and more elements.

June 2020. We release drop! 7.0, which includes more elements and substantial stylistic enhancements.

July 2020. We expand Blue Perigee Sapphire, our innovation-certification service, by making it available to individuals, nearly all types of businesses, and cities.

September 2020. We release drop! 7.1, which includes more elements and a new cover photo.

October 2020. We add Radiology+ Boosting to our Radiology+ suite of solutions. Radiology+ Boosting is a consulting solution designed to enhance radiology-related metrics.

November 2020. We celebrate another major milestone: our third anniversary as a company.


January 2021. We relocate our company to the Cool Springs area of greater Nashville.

March 2021. We announce Orbital US, a breakthrough, ultrasound-related service scheduled to launch in mid-2021.