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when a wide-spectrum innovation company is fueled by the convergence of creativity, art, science, technology, and ingenuity, you get a brand that lives to deliver tomorrow, today



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Futuristic RoadThree cubesats above the EarthWashington, D.C. at Nightfuturistic womanMedical Personnel Outside HospitalDoctor Using LaptopAndroid Looking At Medical ScanMale & Female RadiologistsPalm Tree And Beach ChairsVideo WallElectric Car ChargingExterior of Private JetDrink Being MixedClose-Up of Woman

blue perigee u
innovation education
blue perigee publications that
explore future-critical topics

bright aero
aerospace dev
inspiring innovation in
aerospace development

blue perigee io
innovation consulting
for those who prefer to think
beyond the bureaucracy

blue perigee drop!
innovative communications
for a modern world

an overview
radiology-related services
that bring the future to you

premium consulting
future-proofing for an
artificial-intelligence-driven world

premium recruiting
find your radiological soulmate
bond through artificial intelligence

second opinions
protect patients and prepare for
the future of radiology

biz certification
innovation-centric credentials
for your radiology-related biz

ad reach and targeting

blue perigee club
an overview (beta)
exclusive and innovation-focused
for those on the cutting-edge

blue perigee club
blue perigee studios (beta)
live and on-demand video with
a twist of innovation

blue perigee club
blue perigee avd (beta)
help with alt-energy vehicles and
their cutting-edge tech

blue perigee club
blue perigee flight (beta)
harmonizing the use of private
aircraft with the environment

blue perigee club
blue perigee drinks (beta)
furthering mixed-drink mobility for
the upwardly social

blue perigee club
blue perigee up (beta)
find your personal style through
interactive fashion


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