Let's Meet. Every now and then, you may find us hosting or sponsoring an in-person or online event. Some of the events are designed for the general public, some are designed for specific segments of the public, and some are designed for Blue Perigee Club members only. What's more, some special events may be held at our own secluded location known as The Escape@Blue Perigee.

Photo of A Table At A Banquet

Upcoming. If we have an upcoming event, you'll see it listed below. Even if there are no events currently listed, an event may arise on short notice. Thus, you should check this page periodically to see if a short-notice event has been scheduled.

Innovation Livestream
May 2020
Date TBD

Please see our COVID-19 page for eligibility and details. For this particular event, please contact us via Telegram only.

To contact us regarding an upcoming event, please visit Connect and complete our Connect Form, message us via Telegram or email us.