High-Tech, Personalized. When it comes to communicating, especially with our digital devices, acronyms have been all the rage. However, many of the acronyms we have come to love (or hate) deal primarily with our emotions (e.g., LOL) or our plans to get in touch with someone (e.g., TTYS). But why should we be so limited? What about all the other areas of life? Aren't they entitled to an acronym of their own? We think they are. And that's why we created Blue Perigee drop! (aka drop!), our free, acronym-based platform designed for communicating in this century and beyond.

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It's Elementary. Each drop! acronym is known as an element. And with the release of drop! 7.1, you have access to 55 element categories and 1,224 distinct elements. What's more, drop! includes a companion feature called x-drop!, which gives you the power to customize each drop! element in 200 different ways. And because the combined power of drop! and x-drop! enable drop! elements to offer so much more than ordinary acronyms, drop! elements effectively function as hyper-acronyms. If you'd like a quick overview of drop!, just download our Drop! 7.1 Profile Sheet.

Relevant & Personal. When you drop an element into a conversation or post, you're using a communications platform that was specifically developed to make messaging, texting, social-media posting, and talking easier, more expressive, and more personal. But despite being a more modern way to communicate, drop! wasn't designed to turn your life upside down. In fact, it was designed to supplement the acronyms and emoji you already use.

Business Appearance. Did you know that we'll create a customized drop! element for an eligible business and incorporate that element into the next drop! release? It's true (fee applies). And businesses may also be eligible for fee-based advertising options that go beyond acquiring a single drop! element. For instance, your business may be able to sponsor one or more pre-existing drop! categories. And since the most recent version of drop! includes 55 element categories, you have lots of choices. In addition, you may be eligible to have an entire drop! category created around your business. And finally, your business may be eligible to sponsor drop!-related portions of our website.

To contact us regarding any of these options, please visit Connect and complete our Connect Form, message us via Telegram or email us.

An Easter Egg. Because drop! was built from the ground-up as a customizable communications platform, it includes an Easter Egg (i.e., a special hidden feature) that enables you to create a VIP group of friends, family or co-workers with its own private communications system. As a result, you can use drop! to communicate publicly with the world-at-large and you can also use drop! to communicate with one or more members of your VIP group - even if those communications are publicly visible. But note, this Easter Egg is not discussed in drop! itself; it is only described here on this website.

The VIP Group. The ability to create a VIP group is made possible by x-drop!, which you may read about in drop!'s introduction. But to put it simply, x-drop! allows you to personalize any drop! element by adding a numerical modifier to the end of the element. Normally, you would add a numerical modifier to your drop! element to express a favorable or unfavorable emotion that goes beyond the default emotion associated with the element. But with the VIP-group feature, you can take things a step further.

Surprise & Protect. To benefit from the VIP-group feature, there are several things you could do. For instance, you and the members of your VIP group could establish a rule that states that the use of a particular drop! element with an x-drop! value above or below a certain number conveys a hidden meaning that has been defined in advance. This could be useful, for example, if you were trying to co-ordinate a friend's or co-worker's surprise birthday party. Alternatively, you could create a VIP group consisting of your children and you could establish a rule that states that the use of a particular drop! element with a specific x-drop! value conveys a pre-set, hidden meaning, such as "Mommy won't be home until 7" or "Daddy, please pick me up at the north corner of the school." And, if necessary, you could create added protection of your private communications by randomly rotating the pre-defined drop! element you use, the pre-defined x-drop! value you use or the pre-defined hidden meaning associated with your message.

These are just some examples of the ways in which x-drop!'s hidden VIP-group feature enables you to communicate more efficiently, communicate privately with close friends, family or co-workers, and enhance the safety of loved ones. What's more, you can create as many VIP groups as you'd like, each with its own set of private rules.

The Game. On May 1, 2021, the uses for drop! will expand because drop! will become a game as well as a communications tool.

Unlock. To unlock the public and private benefits of drop!, you don't need a credit card and you don't need to add anything to a shopping cart. Just follow the Get drop! link below.