Ups and Downs. Depending on what you make of it, life can be great fun. But let's face it, life has its downs and downtime. Like a trip with a long layover. A get-together with friends that always involves doing the same things. A rainy weekend that keeps you indoors. Waiting for your car to be serviced. And a million other scenarios. In situations like these, you need something to bring you back up again. To put the fun back into your life. And for those times, we've got just the thing.

For Gamers. We know that drop!'s elements can be used for communications. But what if they could go beyond that? What if the same elements that serve a valuable communications purpose in our daily lives could also help us escape the occasional doldrums of life? What if our regular use of drop!'s elements made us better at a game and playing that same game regularly made us better at using drop!'s elements to communicate with others? And what if there were a tournament that rewarded us for our game-playing skills? Well, you won't have to say "What if" much longer because dtg (drop! the game) will soon be here. (As far as the tournament goes, it's in development so no promises just yet.)

BYOA. We can't reveal all the details surrounding dtg until it's released but we can tell you this much. If you play dtg via a computer, tablet or mobile phone (the preferred methods), you will need an app that allows you to engage in group messaging, chatting or video-conferencing. And although we designed dtg to utilize modern technology, we also wanted it to be as easy-to-learn and as easy-to-play as reasonably possible. So, dtg is a BYOA (Bring Your Own App), cross-platform game that allows you to use any app that offers group messaging, chatting or video-conferencing functionality. Furthermore, because you bring your own app, the number of players your game can have is limited only by the number of group connections your chosen app can support.

Open To All. Because dtg is a BYOA game, you don't have to worry about operating system compatibility, downloading a game-specific app, ensuring that all players have the same version of the app or storage space for the app. In addition, the BYOA feature means that it will be far easier to engage in spur-of-the-moment games of dtg. And last but not least, because dtg allows you to bring your own app, there should be few claims by other players that their game performance was hindered by a lack of familiarity with a new chatting, messaging or video-conferencing app.  

By focusing on game play and not on having an app just for the sake of having our own app, we were able to design dtg to be a game with a level playing field. Consequently, as long as someone is familiar with drop! and their group messaging, chatting or video-conferencing app, they will have an equal chance of succeeding when playing dtg.

050121. While dtg isn't available just yet, we're aiming for a launch date of May 1, 2021. And when it goes live, you'll find all the details right here.