Sky's Not The Limit. If you're a Fortune 500 company, you probably don't need us. If you're a university, you probably don't need us. And if you've already secured a multi-million dollar round of venture capital financing, you probably don't need us. But if you're an unknown innovator looking to change the future of aerospace, we might be exactly what you need.

Three nanosatellites above the Earth

Just A Chance. Not every brilliant innovator works at a big-time government agency, major company or university research lab. Some toil away -- burning the midnight oil -- in apartments, garages, basements or even the backyard. And while some of these individuals have the resources and connections to waltz into a venture capital firm and walk out with millions in financing, others just can't catch a break. They've got a great idea but they just can't raise enough money from banks, family or friends to get their idea off the ground. But the fact is, every truly innovative idea needs to be given a chance to flourish.

The What. So now you know "The Why" behind our Bright Aero initiative. But you're really interested in "The What" so let's not waste anymore time. With Bright Aero, we offer two potential benefits: a General Feasibility Endorsement (GFE) regarding the basic scientific and commercial viability of your idea and a Pre-Seed Grant (PSG) for your aerospace-related concept.

Whether your idea involves a nano-satellite, an innovative type of weather balloon, a unique type of aircraft, a new type of drone, an aviation-related app, an improvement in space medicine or any other type of concept connected to aerospace, we'll consider taking a look at it. Specifically, we'll perform a confidential, cursory review of your general concept, the reasons you think your idea is innovative, and the benefits you expect to flow from your proposal. If we believe your idea has merit, we will officially endorse your concept and we will award you a grant ranging from $250 to $750.

Just so you know, this grant is not a loan so it does not have to be repaid, you are not required to give us an equity stake in your business, and we do not require that you pay us royalties or any other monies should your concept result in a commercially viable product or service. The only thing we ask in return is that you identify our company as a founding sponsor of your product or service and this request is actually made for your benefit. And technically, we don't even require that you do that. Think "highly suggested" but not mandatory.

Run, Don't Walk. By taking advantage of Bright Aero, unknown aerospace-related innovators in the U.S. can hit the ground running. Whether you plan to seek seed money from a venture capital firm or go the crowd-funding route, you'll have three aces in your pocket. First, you'll have an official endorsement from a cutting-edge innovation company. Second, you'll have not just a "paper" endorsement but proof that a company was willing to put grant money into your idea. And third, you'll have real money in your pocket that can be used to defray some of your start-up costs. Pretty cool, huh? If this looks like something that might interest you and you'd like a snapshot of Bright Aero, just download the Bright Aero Profile Sheet.

To contact us regarding Bright Aero, please visit Connect and complete our Connect Form, message us via Telegram or email us.