Future Tense. We may be a future-focused company but we still believe in the value of aspirational goals. Still believe in the value of working hard to attain something. And still believe that hard work should be rewarded. And for those of you who have worked hard, we offer Blue Perigee Club as your reward.

Status Forward. Just so you know, this reward isn't like other rewards. It's unique because it doesn't merely speak to what you've done, it speaks to what you're going to do as well. Because of the innovative, constantly evolving nature of the Blue Perigee brand and Blue Perigee Club sub-brand, membership in Blue Perigee Club tells the world that you've made it and that you're going to keep making it. Again and again. So unlike a lot of status symbols, the status that goes along with membership in Blue Perigee Club isn't based solely on past accomplishments. And because of that, membership in Blue Perigee Club offers you a personal branding reward unlike anything else.

What & Where. As far as the particulars, Blue Perigee Club (BPC) is the name of our exclusive, innovation-focused membership club for those 21 and older. It will launch in 2021 and, initially, membership will be open to persons who live in Tennessee. Later in 2021, membership will open to individuals in other select locations as well.

Essentially, you could think of BPC as a "reverse country club" for those who want to belong to something well beyond the ordinary. Typically, country clubs are built on the past, tradition, maintaining the status quo, and following the same path as others. And you could certainly argue that such institutions serve a legitimate function. But BPC is an alternative built on a different set of ideals. In fact, it's built on the future, it's rooted in innovation, and it encourages individuality. What's more, it exists, in part, to offer a helping hand to those not accustomed to living on the edge. So, whether you're the trend-setter type or simply someone who is tired of always following, we've got you covered. Because ultimately, BPC isn't really a country club at all; it's actually a social innovation club.

Features. Initially, BPC will feature five elements: Blue Perigee Studios (streaming video), Blue Perigee AVD (alt-energy vehicles), Blue Perigee Flight (private charters and aircraft purchasing), Blue Perigee Drinks (mixed-drink mobility), and Blue Perigee Up (interactive fashion). When you become a BPC member, you'll gain access to all five BPC elements. But that's just the beginning.

BPC members will also enjoy other membership benefits, such as personalized, cloud-based membership cards that can be accessed and shared 24 hours per day, 360-degree videos, members-only apparel, and members-only events. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about what's coming, just follow the photo links below.

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alt-energy vehicles

blue perigee flight

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