Virtually You. Blue Perigee Up consists of a streaming video component. This component may feature both live and on-demand video and both will be delivered through Blue Perigee Studios. Essentially, Blue Perigee Up will feature video-based, fashion-related information and online shows related to men's and women's fashion. Typically, Blue Perigee Up will focus 20% on men and 80% on women.

Close-Up Photo of Woman With Blue-Green Eyes

Messages. Almost nothing else defines you like your fashion sense. It conveys messages about your judgment, taste, sense of style, financial status, and even your level of respect for others. After all, if you wear sweats to a dinner party, it's pretty clear you don't respect the people with whom you're having dinner. So if you're going to do fashion, you might as well do it right.

Right For You. With Blue Perigee Up, we give you that very opportunity. But when we say do fashion right, we mean do what's right for you, not merely what may be right for someone else. And to help you do what's right for you, Blue Perigee Up includes some cool, tech-oriented, fashion features.

What You Get. Have you ever wanted to appear in a fashion show? With Blue Perigee Up, you may get the chance to do just that. Our online fashion shows will occasionally feature actual Blue Perigee members so that you can help shape the fashion sense of others. Ever wanted to direct a fashion show? You may get that chance as well. With our live, online fashion shows, you'll be able to communicate in real-time with models, asking them to pair alternative accessories with different outfits and more. And these are just some of the unique features you can expect from Blue Perigee Up.

So why let New York, Paris, and Milan get all the glory when you can get access to an exclusive, personalized, interactive fashion experience though Blue Perigee Club (BPC)? As we've said, if you're going to do fashion, you might as well do it right.

As you can see, there's a lot to look forward to. And don't forget, Blue Perigee Up will be available only to BPC members.