Pack Your Bags. Blue Perigee Flight consists of a streaming video component and a research-and-acquisition component. The streaming video component will be delivered through Blue Perigee Studios and it will feature video reviews and other informational content related to on-demand aviation and private-aircraft purchasing. Depending on the services needed, the research-and-acquisition component will either directly assist BPC members in securing on-demand aviation services (i.e., private charter aircraft) or will directly assist them in purchasing private aircraft.

Close-Up Photo of A Private Jet

The Private Crowd. Innovation doesn't always involve creating something brand new. Quite often, it means improving upon something that's been around for some time. And no one can dispute that on-demand aviation and private-aircraft ownership have been around for quite a while. Nevertheless, for many of us, flying private is still a mystery. But does it really have to be that way? We think not.

What You Get. To demystify on-demand aviation and private-aircraft ownership, we created Blue Perigee Flight. Access to Blue Perigee Flight is included with your BPC membership and this access opens the door to all Blue Perigee Flight elements. In particular, through Blue Perigee Studios, you gain access to the video portion of Blue Perigee Flight. This video programming includes reviews and other informational content related to private-aircraft charter companies, private-aircraft manufacturers, the types of aircraft you may charter or purchase, private aircraft amenities, and the airports you may be utilizing.

In addition, as a BPC member, you become eligible to utilize the research-and-acquisition component associated with Blue Perigee Flight (no additional fee required). With this service, we do one of two things depending on whether you are interested in on-demand aviation or private-aircraft purchasing.

If you're interested in the former, we research private charter companies and particular aircraft. We also attempt to negotiate discounts from private charter companies by bringing them a large amount of business at once. And we do this through a form of crowd-sourcing by bringing together unrelated purchasers who are all ready to buy. When all is said and done, we then provide you with options that strike a balance between your traveling needs, the best discounts, and the most environmentally friendly aircraft options.

If you're interested in the latter, we research private-aircraft manufacturers and types of aircraft available. We then provide you with the best options based on your traveling needs, your flying credentials, purchasing discounts, operating costs, and the environmental friendliness of available aircraft.

As you can see, there's a lot to look forward to. And don't forget, Blue Perigee Flight will be available only to BPC members.