Options Abound. Blue Perigee AVD (Advanced Vehicles Division) consists of a streaming video component and a research-and-acquisition component. The streaming video component will be delivered through Blue Perigee Studios and it will feature video reviews and other informational content related to AEVs (Alternative Energy Vehicles). The research-and-acquisition component will directly help BPC members learn about AEVs and purchase AEVs.

Photo of An Electric Car Charging

They're Here. Gasoline-powered vehicles shouldn't be demonized simply because of their fuel source. By the same token, AEVs (Alternative Energy Vehicles such as full-electric vehicles and hybrids) shouldn't be celebrated simply because of their fuel source either. Because, in the end, the distinguishing feature between the two types of vehicles isn't the type of fuel used, it's the technology used. And when you look at the choices that way, you could easily argue that AEVs represent a more modern form of technology and, therefore, an advanced type of vehicle.

New Terminology. Whether they merely supplement gasoline-powered vehicles or fully replace such vehicles, AEVs are the future. But many people still know very little about AEVs. Charging stations? Range extenders? Plug-ins? Gas-Electric hybrids? The new terminology can make your head spin. But we have a solution that will quickly bring you up to speed and keep you in the know.

What You Get. To bridge the knowledge gap, we offer Blue Perigee AVD (Advanced Vehicles Division). Access to Blue Perigee AVD will be included with your BPC membership and this access opens the door to all Blue Perigee AVD elements. In particular, through Blue Perigee Studios, you'll gain access to the video portion of Blue Perigee AVD. This video programming will include reviews and other informational content related to AEVs.

In addition, as a BPC member, you'll become eligible to utilize the research-and-acquisition component of Blue Perigee AVD (no additional fee required). And with luxury AEVs costing anywhere from 50K dollars to well over 200K dollars, knowing all you can about these vehicles is more important than ever. So whether you just want to learn about AEVs and all the new terminology or you're ready to buy, Blue Perigee AVD will make it easy to become part of an exciting future.

As you can see, there's a lot to look forward to. And don't forget, Blue Perigee AVD will be available only to BPC members.