Partners In Time. Innovation is about the future and the future is rooted in the concept of time. Consequently, when we venture into Zurich in 2021, we won't simply be creating a new satellite, we'll be creating a partner in time. And for innovators in America and Switzerland, having a partner in time opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

photo of zurich

Open Circuit. As a general rule, innovators are a pretty independent breed. But despite that quality, they know that achieving independence doesn't mean you become close-minded, dismissive or arrogant. In fact, quite the opposite. True innovators know there's always a little more they can learn. Always a new perspective or a little insight here or there that could lead to the next innovation. Indeed, true innovators know that never-ending curiosity and open-mindedness are the keys to resolving creator's block and deriving innovation. And that's precisely why our Zurich satellite will be far more than just an expansion into an international market.

Bilateral. Both the U.S. and Switzerland are prolific innovators. But that doesn't mean that we can't learn from each other's different backgrounds and perspectives. Especially when you consider that innovation isn't just about technological innovation. Innovation comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. From procedures, policies, and operations to low-tech and high-tech. From products and services to customer experiences. The reality is, virtually anything that exists can be innovated if the desire exists to do so.

To facilitate innovation in both America and Switzerland, our Zurich satellite will be the focal point for a bilateral innovation exchange. Or more specifically, an exchange of ideas and other information likely to lead to innovation. Initially, the exchange may consist of virtual meetings or chats in which innovators from both countries may seek out insights and perspectives that may lead them to new discoveries. Ultimately, the exchange may involve partnerships with universities and businesses that will allow innovators from both counties to see how "the other side" does things.

As you can see, this American-Swiss partnership expands upon the traditional role played by an international satellite. Indeed, Blue Perigee ZRH will not just be another company satellite; instead, it'll be a mutually beneficial catalyst for innovation in the U.S. and Switzerland.

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