Innovation Education. If time stood still, we wouldn't need to be concerned about the future. But it doesn't, so we do. To address the needs of the future, we created Blue Perigee U. Through in-house publications produced by Blue Perigee U, we help educate people on innovation-related issues such as the paths to creativity and ingenuity. We also explore frontier technologies like artificial intelligence and discuss the ways in which technologies such as these may impact society.

Futuristic Road

Future-Critical. The future is something we simply cannot ignore because, whether we like it or not, the future often brings change. And with change comes a need to be prepared. But not all issues are created equal. Some issues relevant to the future are more important, more critical, than others.

At Blue Perigee, we call these types of issues "future-critical" issues and Blue Perigee U was designed to bring you valuable information about some of the most future-critical issues that we'll be facing today and down the road. On this page, you'll find links to Blue Perigee publications that will help you prepare for a whole new world that is much closer than it appears.

Blue Perigee U Collection
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Rise Of The Blue Butterfly
Topics: Being Different, Innovation

Tried & True But New
Topics: Re-Introducing Old Ideas, Innovation

The Last Human
Topics: Creativity, Analytical Thinking, Innovation, AI