Frontier In Focus. The video frontier is complex and constantly changing. One one hand, it's driven by high-tech improvements in dedicated video cameras, DSLRs, phone cameras, drones, special effects, and streaming platforms. On the other hand, it's also driven by natural tech improvements in human creativity, the type of content created, and the value of the content delivered. And because modern video can be molded by so many different kinds of influences, there are many different paths to the video frontier.

Data streaming through blue fiber optic cable.

Stories. While advances in high-tech related to video creation and production are certainly welcome, the video frontier revolves more fluidly around creativity and content. And creativity and content are powered by the natural tech embodied in humans and the human brain in particular. What's more, while there are a relatively limited number of hardware companies, software companies, and streaming platforms, there are billions of sources of creativity and content capable of producing virtually unlimited terabytes of Creator Data.

Whether video focuses on information, opinion, entertainment or a combination of all three, the best videos tell a story. But not just any story. A story that only the video creator could tell. A story built upon the creator's unique knowledge, experience, perspective, and insights. And a story that inspires others to do the same.

Fall/Winter 2021. Before the end of this year, we'll be launching Blue Perigee Studios. We hope to see you when we go live.