Video For You. Blue Perigee Studios is the innovation-focused, streaming-video arm of Blue Perigee. It's responsible for all of the video content we create and produce, including all of our company-related videos. Although it's currently in beta, Blue Perigee Studios has much more content in the works.

Photo of A Video Wall

The Spark. If you're not used to innovating, not accustomed to being a leader rather than a follower, innovation can be challenging. Very challenging. And that's a shame because there are many people on this planet who could create ground-breaking innovation if they could just find the spark that would free their minds. The spark that would help them build a reputation as a creator, a problem-solver, and a leader.

What You Get. With the "spark dilemma" in mind, Blue Perigee Studios was designed, in part, to help you discover that elusive spark. Whether that spark comes from a video about the way we do things, the way someone else does things, a product or service someone has created or some other topic, it doesn't really matter. All that matters is that we help you find that spark. And so, in the end, what you'll hopefully get from Blue Perigee Studios is the ceaseless inspiration to innovate.

Access. As Blue Perigee Studios ramps up, we'll be offering some of our video content for free. Once we've developed a sufficient library of content, we'll likely move most of our content to a paid, subscription model.

More Info. As you can see, Blue Perigee Studios offers a lot to look forward to. And it fits in perfectly with out mantra of creating innovation, helping others create innovation, and supporting those who have already created innovation. If you'd like to learn more about Blue Perigee Studios, simply email us at