Brand-Out. You've probably heard the phrase "stand-out" but we've taken it up a notch. When you brand-out, you don't just stand-out, you stand for something. Something remarkably good. And when it comes to Blue Perigee Sapphire, we offer you the opportunity to stand for integrity, innovation, and a commitment to the possibilities that only tomorrow can deliver. Whether you're an individual, business or city, if you'd like a certification that tells the world that you and your brand stand for these things, read on.


Essential Credential. On a planet that contains nearly eight billion people, millions of businesses, and countless cities, how can you possibly brand-out? As an individual, you might choose to earn advanced degrees and obtain extensive work experience. But ultimately, those worthwhile accomplishments are not likely to distinguish you from others as much as you might think. As a business, you can offer excellent products or services and excellent customer service. But again, those types of things may not necessarily give people a reason to patronize your business rather than the businesses of competitors. And as a city, you might try to duplicate a place like Silicon Valley. Indeed, that has been tried. The problem is, copying someone else's idea is the complete opposite of what a city needs to do to prove it is the birthplace of innovation.

What you need to brand-out, therefore, is some type of credential that certifies that your personal, business or city brand stands for something more. Much more. And that credential is Blue Perigee Sapphire Innovation Certification (BPSIC).

Credential Of Potential. While Blue Perigee Sapphire is the service that offers individuals, businesses, and cities the opportunity to obtain a unique innovation credential, BPSIC is the actual credential we offer. And that credential is so valuable because of what it is and what it represents. BPSIC validates that your personal, business or city brand is on the cutting edge and is sincerely committed to innovation. But even more than that, BPSIC is primarily a credential of potential. In other words, BPSIC tells the world, "Don't just look at the past or the present. Don't just look at what I've (we've) done or what I'm (we're) doing. Put your faith in me (us). Give me (us) your loyalty. You won't be disappointed. I (we) are going to do some pretty remarkable things in the future." Now that's a bold statement to make, a promise of distinction and a stance that will most certainly make you, your business or your city brand-out.

And by the way, consider one last thing: the value of BPSIC doesn't necessarily diminish as the number of people, businesses or cities who possess this type of certification increases. With many other types of certifications, the value of the certification can lessen over time as the certification becomes the norm. After all, when nearly everyone has a certification that says "I'm better", the certification doesn't mean what it used to.

But BPSIC is different. Because it is primarily a credential of potential and because it is a credential rooted in innovation, it can maintain its value even if it were possessed by every person, business or city. And it can do this because as an individual, business or city with true innovative potential, you, your business or your city will very often be innovating in a way different from others. So unlike a typical certification that says I (we) can deliver something very similar to everyone else with this same credential, BPSIC says I (we) can deliver value that is unique from others with this same credential.

Wide Open. If you're an individual, you don't have to be an engineer, a research scientist or an app developer to seek BPSIC. If you're a business, you don't have to be a technology company, a manufacturing company or an aerospace company to pursue BPSIC. And if you're a city, you don't have to be the home of dozens of high-tech companies to pursue BPSIC. Because the fact is, many kinds of innovation have little to do with technology. And that's why BPSIC isn't limited to tech-oriented individuals, businesses or cities.

What's more, innovation doesn't necessarily require a wholesale abandonment of traditional ways. Quite often, innovation can simply revolve around a beneficial tweak of the tried-and-true. Consequently, BPSIC is open to many kinds of individuals, businesses, and cities, including those that have no desire to completely depart from the past.

And by the way, we recognize that not every single person, business or city can be a creator of breakthrough ideas, products, services or experiences. Especially in heavily regulated fields that frown on experimentation and departures from the norm, the opportunities for innovation are limited. Limited, but not non-existent. In regulatory environments such as these, you, your business or your city can still prove you possess "indirect" innovative potential by openly encouraging innovation and adopting the latest innovations at the earliest opportunity.

As you can see, BPSIC is open to just about any person, business or city that can demonstrate a sincere commitment to innovation and that commitment can be satisfied in a variety of ways.

Versions. Because BPSIC is based on principles like integrity, open-mindedness, the pursuit of better, and similar criteria and because it sends virtually the same message about innovation and potential whether a brand is a personal brand, a business brand or a city brand, we can offer this credential to individuals, businesses, and cities. To decide whether BPSIC for individuals, BPSIC for businesses or BPSIC for cities is right for you, check out the overview of each version below.

BPSIC Personal.  Whether you're a trendsetter, traditionalist, current or former military or government worker, student or any other type of individual, curiosity is king. If you don't care about why things are the way they are, if you don't care about exploring ways to make things better for yourself and others, and if you don't care about determining what you're capable of, there is very little likelihood that you will ever be an innovator. Consequently, our assessment of your eligibility for BPSIC will focus on demonstrated evidence of above-average curiosity.

For example, are you an early adopter of technology or do you wait for it to go mainstream? Do you have coursework or work experience that shows you prefer to experiment and discover things for yourself? When you travel, do you go with tour groups or do you prefer to go off and do your own thing? These factors along with many others can give us great insight into your degree of curiosity as well as your potential and capacity for innovation. To be eligible for BPSIC, you don't need to be someone who always wants to break the mold but you do have to be the type of person who enjoys creating, improving things, and adding unique value to the world.

BPSIC Business. Whether you're a technology-based business, product manufacturer, service-based business, medical-based business or any other type of business, culture is king. While the use of the latest technology is a significant factor in our assessment of whether to grant your business BPSIC, it is not necessarily the only factor. Indeed, company culture plays the most substantial role in our assessment.

Generally speaking, we'll examine your company policies, procedures, and operations to determine whether your company culture encourages innovation. If your business operates in an innovation-friendly field that offers opportunities for doing your own thing, we'll determine whether your business possesses the potential to be an innovator. If your business operates in a heavily regulated field that limits the ability to innovate, we'll determine whether your business is likely to be proactive with respect to adopting the latest innovations of others. To be eligible for BPSIC, your business doesn't necessarily need to be a business that wants to change the world but it does have to be a business that enjoys offering original or improved ideas, products, services or experiences.

BPSIC City. Whether you're a small city, a major hub of commerce or an international metropolis, cordiality is king. While the number of start-ups and high-tech companies in your U.S. or international city will likely play a significant factor in our assessment of whether to grant your city BPSIC, it is not necessarily the only factor. Indeed, cordiality (i.e., innovation-friendliness) plays the most substantial role in our assessment.

To some degree, our BPSIC assessment of a city is a modified version of our BPSIC assessment of a business. That is, we'll typically examine your city's policies, laws, regulations, tax incentives, and similar items to determine whether your city treats innovators with cordiality. Beyond these measures, however, we'll also examine whether your city is innovation-friendly when it comes to the practical applications of current innovation. For example, is your city one of the first to adopt the latest transportation-related innovations or does your city always wait to see what other cities are doing? When developing or re-developing an area of town as a new attraction, does your city generally create something original or does it usually just copy what works elsewhere? In essence, we'll look at whether your city walks the walk or just talks the talk. And the answer to that question will go a long way towards helping us decide whether your city possesses the potential to be a sustainable capital of innovation. To be eligible for BPSIC, your city doesn't necessarily need to be a city that wants to set the world on fire but it does have to be a city that enjoys promoting creativity, originality, and innovation to the best of its ability.

For a quick overview of the services we offer through Blue Perigee Sapphire, just download our Blue Perigee Sapphire Profile Sheet.

Use Cases. BPSIC is open to a wide array of individuals, businesses, and cities, even those without technical expertise or a technological orientation. But if you're still wondering why you should pursue BPSIC, consider the following scenarios. While there are no guarantees, securing BPSIC may very well help you, your business or your city in these situations and others.

Student. You're applying to undergraduate or graduate school and would like to include something in your application that demonstrates you're going to be a creator, not just a learner.

Job Holder. You work in a field that is being transformed by automation and you need something that will help convince your employer that you should be kept on because your skills are irreplaceable.

Job Seeker. You're applying for a new position or promotion and would like to show the hiring committee that you're an idea person, not just an administrator.

Creative. You're working in a creative field like art, music, advertising or design and you need to convince potential clients that you're someone who generates original ideas.

Investor Solicitor. You're soliciting investor funds and would like to assure investors that you are an original thinker worth their time and money.

Tech-Oriented Business. Your business operates in a field like engineering, science, research, software or web services and you would like to assure clients and the public that your business is on the forefront of tomorrow.

Aerospace-Oriented Business. Your business provides products or services related to aviation or space and you would like to assure the public, clients or the government that safety is a top priority.

Medical-Related Business. Your business is a hospital, imaging center, medical-practice group, laboratory or similar business and you would like to assure the public and patients that you're dedicated to top-notch medical care.

Food-Service-Related Business. Your business is a restaurant or bar and you would like to tell the public that your business is the home of original food and drink recipes.

Hospitality-Related Business. Your business is a hotel or resort and you would like to inform the public that your business is a unique source of original customer experiences.

Overlooked City. Your city is innovation-oriented but you need a credential that will convince talented individuals, companies, investors, tourists, and others that your city is the real deal.

We Validate. If you qualify for BPSIC, we'll issue a uniquely numbered digital credential that will validate the cutting-edge status of your personal, business or city brand. In addition, third-parties will be able to independently confirm your BPSIC with us. Because people, businesses, and cities change over time, a BPSIC credential is valid for a specified time frame that depends on the individual, business or city. However, if you would like to renew your BPSIC, renewals are offered at a discount. If you fail to qualify for BPSIC on your first opportunity, we'll advise you of steps you may take that may help you earn certification in the future.

The Ultimate. In the end, BPSIC is not just another certification because obtaining BPSIC from Blue Perigee means the innovation bona fides of your personal, business or city brand have been validated by a company whose whole mission is innovation.

Contact. To contact us regarding Blue Perigee Sapphire Innovation Certification (BPSIC) for individuals, businesses, and cities, please visit Connect and complete our Connect Form, message us via Telegram or email us.