Mission Objectives. To address the needs of the future, we created Blue Perigee Mission. Through publications produced in-house, we help educate people on tech-related issues such as the paths to creativity, ingenuity, and innovation. In addition, we explore frontier technologies like artificial intelligence and discuss the ways in which technologies such as these may impact individuals and society.

Secretive man in building after hours.

Mission Critical. The future is something we simply cannot ignore because, whether we like it or not, the future often brings change. And with the challenges that that lie ahead, each of us has to go on a mission. A mission to use the natural tech represented by our brains to the fullest. A mission to enhance our creativity, ingenuity, and ability to innovate. In essence, a mission to maintain relevancy as a human in a machine-and-software dominated world.

Mission Possible. To help you embark on your mission, we've created a series of publications that will open and expand your mind. The first publication in the series, The Blue Butterfly, is available below. The second publication in the series, The Last Human, and the third publication in the series, Tried & True But New, may be obtained by sending a message to Blue Perigee Mission via the Form, Message or email options on our Connect page. Once you've read the whole series, you may be surprised to learn that you have far more control over your relevancy and destiny than you ever realized.

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The Blue Butterfly
Topics: Being Different, Innovation, Blue Perigee