Jupiter. The name of our innovation consulting division was influenced by one of Jupiter's most vibrant moons, Io ("Eye-O"). However, before we get to one of its moons, we should point out that Jupiter is a story all by itself. Bigger than life. The largest, most dominant, most influential planet in our corner of the universe. And don't forget that unique, enormous, atmospheric red spot. And Io has a pretty good story of its own. As the most volcanically active body in the solar system, it's constantly evolving. What's more, Galileo's discovery of Io and several other moons eventually led to the pivotal revelation that the Sun, not the Earth, was the center of our system of planets. So, in a nutshell, Io is a symbol for the value of uniqueness, thinking big, constant adaptation, and ground-breaking discoveries that change perceptions. All in all, a pretty good namesake for our brand of innovation consulting services.

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Understand. Like everything else we offer, Blue Perigee Io is driven by our commitment to bring innovation to the markets we serve. What's more, with our innovation consulting services in particular, we also hope to spur innovation in a wide array of fields. But to pursue, recognize, and fully appreciate innovation, you must understand certain concepts that underlie the innovation game.

Concepts. First, innovation is not limited to technological innovation. While the newest phones, Internet-connected lightbulbs, and other devices are the subject of most of the media buzz, technological advancement is only one type of innovation. In fact, some of the most influential innovations over the last 100 years have had little to do with technology. For instance, when it was introduced, the drive-thru window was literally just a window on the side of a building. And yet, that relatively low-tech innovation revolutionized society by altering food delivery and consumption options, banking, and how people used their cars.

Second, the concept of innovation is not limited to products. While product innovation may be the glamorous side of innovation, innovation can also apply to services, policies, procedures, processes, strategies, and a host of similar areas.

Third, innovation may not be what you think it is. That is, even though "innovative product," innovative service," and similar terms are socially acceptable phrases, no product, service, process , policy or other end-result is itself innovative. Instead, cutting-edge products, services, processes, policies, and the like are the by-product of innovative concepts, approaches, thinking, perspectives, philosophies, mindsets, and strategies. In other words, it is the unique, initial take on an issue and the atypical process used to solve that issue that constitute the innovation; a new product, service, process, policy or other final output is simply the result of that innovation.

And finally, some form of politics almost always accompanies innovation. If politicking is the act of winning hearts and minds, presenting your case in the best light, exposing flaws in opponent's arguments, pursuing the best strategy, and dealing with resistance to a change in the status quo, then most innovation cannot occur unless you have a comprehensive plan to deal with the political side of the innovative process. Indeed, no matter how brilliant your ideas may be, it will be difficult to obtain approval for your cutting-edge ideas unless your approach to politicking is as innovative as everything else you do.

The Services. Blue Perigee Io was created to help you think big and to help you think beyond the bureaucracy. Consequently, our innovation consulting services are designed to enhance your capacity to pursue, recognize, and fully appreciate innovation. With those objectives in mind, you may partake in these services in one of two ways.

Galileo-Class. Because of pressures caused by work responsibilities, family commitments or lifestyle, many people just don't have the time to innovate. They may be capable of producing innovation or they may not. But either way, they need someone else to shoulder the burden.

Through our Galileo-Class services, you may engage us to essentially do the innovation for you. If you have a project, problem or issue that needs to be addressed, we can apply our innovative prowess to solve that problem. If you choose this option, you may pay per consulting project or you may opt for a customized subscription plan that allows you to engage us for multiple projects.

Leonardo-Class. The fact is, many people are capable of revolutionary innovation but they just don’t realize it. And it's not their fault. Innovation doesn't come naturally to most people and society typically doesn't go out of its way to provide individuals with the tools they need to innovate. Producing innovation requires an innovation mindset, which represents a fundamentally different way of thinking and other distinct characteristics. Beyond that, an innovation mindset isn’t something you turn on and off; for cutting-edge innovators, especially serial innovators, that mindset permeates almost every aspect of their lives.

Through our Leonardo-Class services, you may engage us to teach you, your group or your organization the fundamentals of innovation. By selecting this option, you'll learn everything from how to think and act like an innovator to the politics of innovation. With this DYI plan, you pay per consulting project and the project fee varies based on the number of participants. In addition, you may add a consulting-support plan that enables us to provide one or more participants with follow-up support after your original consulting project has ended.

For a quick overview of the services we offer through Blue Perigee Io, just download our Blue Perigee Io Profile Sheet.

Use Cases. Our Blue Perigee Io innovation consulting services are applicable to a vast assortment of areas. And while we can't cover all those areas on this webpage, we can provide a few examples of their potential applicability.

Politics. Washington, D.C. may be the capital of politics but the need to politick exists virtually everywhere. Whether it be on the campaign trail, in the statehouse, in the boardroom, in the research lab, in a courtroom, at a staff meeting or in a thousand other places, the need to politick is a fact of life. Indeed, the purview of politics is so extensive that each of us is, at one point or another, a public-sector politician, a private-sector politician or both. And like many other areas, politicking is an activity that can be improved through innovation.

Highly Structured, Regulated Or Specialized Fields. For better or worse, many disciplines are built on memorization, standardization, formulae, rules, repetitive procedures, and specialized knowledge. Highly structured, regulated or specialized disciplines like medicine, accounting, banking, rule-oriented legal fields, manufacturing, most types of government work, and similar endeavors are primarily built around the idea that outcomes should be the same regardless of who is performing a particular task. Although that philosophy may produce consistency, stability, and predictable results in many cases, it also severely hampers research, creativity, experimentation, and ingenuity, encourages people to live in a knowledge bubble, and limits an individual's potential for innovation. However, by learning how to adopt and apply an innovation mindset, individuals, groups, and organizations can create a balance between the need to follow and enforce rules and the imperative to innovate.

The One-Dimensional Individual. Generally speaking, innovation is rooted in creativity and ingenuity. However, to successfully engage in creativity and ingenuity, you must possess open-mindedness, an insatiable thirst for knowledge of all kinds, and a willingness to accept that you may not know what you think you know. But be forewarned, an individual who has been raised or educated to see the world through one point of view, to be dismissive of other points of view, to ignore or reject any knowledge, facts or opinions that would counter that point of view, and to feel that their body of knowledge and views are "so correct" that there is never a need to seek out additional knowledge nor a need for introspection or self-criticism is a one-dimensional individual. And one-dimensional individuals will find it extremely difficult to be successful innovators. But the good news is that such individuals can essentially be de-programmed, if they want to be. Using the same intellectual techniques that we developed to convert high-potential individuals into successful innovators, we can take a step back, first transform a one-dimensional individual into an independent, well-rounded, analytical thinker, and then transform that person into a potential innovator.

Start-Up Culture. There may not be a better time to be a start-up company. With cities around the world constantly battling each other to become the next Silicon Valley, start-ups have never had it so good. But being a start-up doesn't mean much unless innovation permeates your company culture. Unfortunately, many start-ups fail soon after creation or at some point down the road because they're not actually innovative at heart. That is, for many failed start-ups, a perfect convergence of creativity and ingenuity enabled them to create a brilliant product or service but that is where their foray into innovation ended. In every other regard, they looked to see how others were doing things, followed trends, acted like other start-ups, dressed their founders exactly like other start-up founders, used the proper buzzwords, avoided or significantly limited risk, created a mere image of being innovative, and so on. In essence, innovation did not permeate their company culture and, as a result, their tenure as a start-up ended prematurely. However, if they had incorporated the values of innovation into every aspect of their business, the outcome may very well have been quite different.

Cities, States, Countries. The old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," is the complete opposite of an innovation mindset because innovation doesn't have to be driven by a crisis or the need to fix an obvious problem. In fact, innovation quite often springs from a general desire to offer opportunities, options, and experiences that do not currently exist. Thus, cities, states, and countries will condemn themselves to a future of unnecessary problems and unrealized prosperity if their transportation, infrastructure, housing, business, and other policies are governed by a "don't change it unless we have to" mentality. This type of future can be avoided, however, if government leaders learn to stay ahead of potential problems by thinking like innovators and if they encourage the pursuit of innovation for it's own sake rather than promoting innovation only when it is deemed necessary.

Eligibility. While we are certainly qualified to consult on a wide range of projects, problems, and issues and while we possess an open mind by nature, we treat our brand and our values with the utmost respect. Consequently, please be advised that we will only consider consulting projects that involve matters that are consistent with our brand and our values.

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