Freedom Squared. Whether you're trying to free yourself of pothole filled roads, bumper-to-bumper traffic, long layovers or airline schedules and destinations that never match your own, flying on your terms is freedom. And owning your own plane is freedom squared. So if you're in the market for an innovative PVA (Private Aircraft) or LSA (Light Sport Aircraft), Blue Perigee Flight can help you reach that next level of freedom.

Close-Up Photo of A Private Jet

The Leading Edge. Blue Perigee Flight is currently in beta but, in general, it focuses on buyers who are looking for smaller, more affordable aircraft that incorporate the latest innovations. These innovations represent the leading edge in aerodynamic performance, avionics, safety systems or fuel efficiency.

What You Get. Blue Perigee Flight is a research-and-acquisition service dedicated to ensuring that you get the most innovative and best personalized flying experience you can buy. What's more, we represent you and we know that each pilot puts a higher priority on different aircraft characteristics. So we don't try reflexively try to steer you into a particular brand or encourage you to simply buy what everyone else is buying. We know that you're different and therefore you're plane should reflect who you are.

Access. To access Blue Perigee Flight, there are no membership fees or long-term contracts. Simply pay a modest consulting fee and a small acquisition fee based on the purchase price of your aircraft and you're good to go.

Partnerships. Blue Perigee Flight isn't just for consumers, it's for business owners and prospective business owners as well. More specifically, in the future we'll be offering a brand-sharing (co-branding) opportunity for individuals who would like to offer an innovative, aviation-related consulting service.

More Info. As you can see, Blue Perigee Flight offers a lot to look forward to. And it fits in perfectly with out mantra of creating innovation, helping others create innovation, and supporting those who have already created innovation. Because it's in beta, we are currently offering this particular service on a limited basis.  If you'd like to learn more about Blue Perigee Flight, simply email us at