An Ounce. As the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." And that saying definitely applies when buying a luxury vehicle on the cutting-edge of innovation. With new gas and alternative-energy vehicles being released at an almost dizzying pace, it'd be quite easy to make a big-ticket buying mistake. However, with Blue Perigee Drive, you'll get a vehicle that feels as though it was designed just for you.

Photo of An Electric Car Charging

Options Abound. Whether you're into gas-powered vehicles, alternative-energy powered vehicles or a combination of the two, keeping abreast of the plethora of luxury vehicles available has gotten much more difficult recently. Throw in all the unfamiliar terminology associated with alternative-energy vehicles and the task of comparing vehicles has become quite the chore. But seeking out cutting-edge innovation, whether it revolves around car-tech, fuel efficiency, battery range, vehicle performance or some other criteria, shouldn't be a chore. And it doesn't have to be.

What You Get. Blue Perigee Drive is a research-and-acquisition service dedicated to ensuring that you are able to find and buy the most cutting-edge luxury vehicle that best suits you. Of course, if you have unlimited time to commit to your search, you could just read online articles and watch video reviews. But those articles and video reviews are generic; they're not tailored towards you. Alternatively, you could visit a bevy of dealerships listening to endless pitches from salespersons. But the salesperson represents his or her dealership and brand(s). In contrast, we represent you to ensure you get the luxury vehicle that fits you, not everyone else.

Access. To access Blue Perigee Drive, there are no membership fees or long-term contracts. Simply pay a modest consulting fee and a small acquisition fee based on the purchase price of your vehicle and you're done.

Partnerships. Blue Perigee Drive isn't just for consumers, it's for business owners and prospective business owners as well. More specifically, in the future we'll be offering a brand-sharing (co-branding) opportunity for individuals who would like to offer an innovative, luxury-car consulting service.

More Info. As you can see, Blue Perigee Drive offers a lot to look forward to. And it fits in perfectly with out mantra of creating innovation, helping others create innovation, and supporting those who have already created innovation. Because it's in beta, we are currently offering this particular service on a limited basis. If you'd like to learn more about Blue Perigee Drive, simply email us at